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About Peter

Peter HarveyI have been exploring the area with my camera for the last 15 years and find that Speyside provides a seemingly endless source of inspiration from a rich variety of subjects. I greatly appreciate the wonderful landscape, from its panoramic impact to the significance of the tiny details encountered while walking with a camera. Seasonal changes and the sometimes breathtaking effect of our variable weather conditions also fascinate me. This often pulls me back to revisit favourite places or to look at the world about me with a more abstract perspective. The shapes, colours, patterns and textures of the natural and man made world have inspired a range of more unusual images featured in the “Art of Nature” section.

This fascination with a more abstract approach led to me developing a series of images I call “PhotoMandalas”, where small details are repeated and symmetrically juxtaposed, creating startling new kaleidoscopic patterns.

Above all, I hope that my collection of images helps to celebrate the diverse beauty which can be found in the obvious and also in the less obvious.

I am a founder member of Speyside Artisans arts & crafts group. We put on exhibitions of our work, which includes Woodturning, Spinning, Painting, Glass Art, Jewellery, Kilt Making and photography around the Speyside area. For more info see www.speysideartisans.blogspot.com

When not engaged in photographic projects I also play the piano and write instrumental music (available for bookings) and I play in a Ceilidh band called Reel Thyme (also available for bookings!)

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